Belem Medina




Enhancing the small pet buying experience at Petsmart


Point in Question : How to enhance the existing small pet buying experience at Petsmart?

Opportunity : It is crucially important to empower the small pet owner from before the purchase of the small pet. From the moment the family is considering adding a new small furry member to the family, let’s make something that can get the small furry member and family to bond.

Why it works : Currently there is no special way of building a personal relationship with a small pet and it’s family, dismissing the seriousness of the decision being made. By being able to build that relationship from the first interaction in-store to homecoming, this would not only enhance but establish a strong foundation for responsible ownership.

My Role : Experiential Design, UX Research, UX Design, 3D Modeling, Prototype, Brand Innovation Items, Renderings and Technical Drawings

Team : Gloryah Allen Experience Designer ‘19, Evanne Allen Strategist ‘19 , Kyle Stolcis Strategist ‘19

Project Timeline : 4 Weeks


The What : The execution involved a new floor layout accessible to all users including those that fall under ADA guidelines. In addition to redesigning the space, the petting station was made into a bowl-like stand that can keep the animal safe of dropping and reinforce the person holding them that the animal must feel safe in their care.


The Why : These existing experiences will not only build stronger relationships, but hold small pet owners accountable to the seriousness of the responsibility they are making.


The How : By having a petting booth, employees can be more confident of the safety of the animal, while allowing the small animals to feel safe as well. If the layout expands for all kinds of users, Petsmart will be seen as more than a place for quality goods and pet care, but an inclusive in-store experience which means new loyal customers empowered to shop on all platforms.