Belem Medina

Creative Writing

I come from a family of story tellers.


As part of my self-care and hobbies, I enjoy writting poems. It was important to me to  include this in my portfolio to showcase the heart and emotion behind the work that I do.

My Role: Written Piece and  Video  Design and Edit


Visual Story Telling Class  was the first project where I was able to bring my personal hobby to help my team bring our vision to life, with making a wonderful piece of work for a poem I wrote for this project.

Team: Paige Rollins Experience Design ‘19, Sailee Gupte Experience Design ‘19

My Role: We compiled a list of many poems that would be interesting to use for this assignment, but my team encouraged me to use the platform to showcase one of my hidden hobbies, writing poems. So here is the story I wrote, the makeup I did, set tone, aesthetic of video, choreography and production I worked on for our team project. My team members helped with editing the final product and picking the song to use.


Yo Soy LatinX is a theoretical brand my team and I created, where our goal was to restructure the way the LatinX community celebrates it’s higher-educated graduates. Being part of the community I started to notice a trend where individuals that had reached success in the public eye became idols and heroes to all the students trying to succeed in their current academics. I brought this up in a conversation with Arthur one night and we both as LatinX members felt like we could make a collection of items featuring various LatinX heroes. These items could be bought to celebrate oneself or you can buy them for your graduate. The idea is to celebrate the community from the trailblazers to the young ones continuing the legacy.

Team : Arthur Olivarez Art Director ‘19, Sailee Gupte Experience Designer ‘19

Goal : Being part of the LatinX community is something Arthur and I are proud of. We both agreed that currently there’s no brand that celebrates the group within the community that celebrates LatinX Graduates. There are different brands that will touch on it, or have one or two items designed for it, but sometimes fail to be inclusive of who is celebrated.

Role : When contemplating on what the manifesto could look like, I thought it’s not about being prescriptive to what LatinX looks like. To me the words were most important, as well as the voice reading them. I asked people I care about, who are at different ages and backgrounds in their educational career, that are part of the LatinX community. The pins were one of the many merchandise designs created, for me it was my favorite merchandise to design and make.