Belem Medina




Building your future car experiences through story-building.


Point in Question : How do you make an extension for an online brand that speaks to users as technology with a human heart?

Opportunity : We found all kinds of opportunities at hand, but at the end of the day, we found that coming together and finding human-truths behind the research would play in our favor as advocates for tech created with good intention.

Concept :

  • Strategy Line : Carvana works hard to make things easy for their customers.

  • Creative Line : The future is ease, not evil.

Why it works : Carvana’s Three Laws for an Easier Future

  1. We use technology to break down barriers, not create them.

  2. With fewer barriers we please more people.

  3. When more people are pleased we all live in ease.

My Role : UX Design, UX Writing, UX Research, User Archetypes, Conceptualizing Future Experiences, Website Audit, Brand Online Experience Research, Carvan-0 Costume build

Team : Louise Guy Creative Brand Management ‘19, Ari Abad Strategy ‘19, Nanda Golden Strategy ‘19, Rachel Zhou Experience Design ‘19, Ainsworth Kerr Copywriting ‘19, Robby Arthur Art Direction ‘19

Project Timeline : 8 Weeks


The What : Beyond Carvana’s great customer service and transparency, they embrace sincere human nature. So we saw that building stories based on modern cultural needs could tell a story beyond the stresses of making a big purchase. By asking questions that could infer other information about the users intention with their future car. Finding these life stages, we found that there was a story in the making as well as an interesting way to shop for cars online.


The How : As you choose from the drop down menu what to fill in the blank per sentence in the story, the visuals of the story begins to populate the left page with a visual representation of what the story you’re building. As you move along in the story, once the feature has enough information to make purchase suggestions you are given the opportunity to browse through the top recommendations or go back and edit your story to get suggestions closer to what you’re looking for.


The Why : The intent was to create an additional feature that would filter out car features that didn’t fit what the user is looking for. It was important to design part of the online experience, because Carvana is known for its innovation and forward thinking. And even though building the different phrases to go into each story could seem a bit complex. The full-circle was that tying back to our strategy line that Carvana designs complex experiences to feel underwhelming and easy, we had the opportunity to tell the story of the beginning of the bond between the user and their car inviting the unique experience we were looking for.