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Hola! My name is  Belem Medina , and I am an Experience Designer.  Tel. 847.431.1026 E.

Hola! My name is Belem Medina, and I am an Experience Designer.

Tel. 847.431.1026

Early signs of an Experience Designer…

Mother’s day, 2015 challenged the lessons I learned from my parents: patience, humility, and perseverance. On that day my brother fell ill with an episode of chronic pancreatitis, and to be honest it’s been one of the biggest tests my family and I endured. There is no cure, and the doctors could only give my brother medicine for the pain.

How do you become the beacon of hope and support for loved ones that need you emotionally available, when you, yourself are a ball of anxiety and mixed emotions?

Research helped me feel in control. I embraced understanding and empathizing with my brother, my parents, the medical staff, etc. This was the pivoting moment in my life and career.

The lessons I learned from my parents prepared me to be a successful researcher and designer. My father told me to always look for the good in every situation, that’s how I learned to read between the lines. And every time my mother told me to respect the world and find the beauty in every situation, in those moments I learned that design with intention can leave the world a better place.


Brandcenter Collective


Photo Credit: Ray Zhang XD ‘19

BC Collective is a community at Brandcenter who engages in cultural conversations relevant to modern day advertising. Our goal is to not only create a safe place for us as students to talk about cultural trends and the effects it has on the world but giving credit and respect where it’s due.

“when you realize the richness of your own culture you become stronger

–Enrique Olvera

We are not the legacy, we are the leaders. Our weekly gatherings are the dedication to serve and empower the community built out of heart and truth. The need to have a safe place is at the root of it all. Building a safe place required dedication, support, and struggle and here we are. We became the light that we’ve all wondered could ever come from not only knowing what’s right but holding accountability and performance that would stay true to what inspired the start of it all. We the leaders started building the legacy through knowledge and action, but the truth is we did it for the culture.


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Translation: Ask me more about myself!